Love Like Jesus – Part 1 (Class 201 - Discovering Spiritual Maturity)

Formerly called Blueprint for Maturity, this exciting and thought-provoking class addresses foundational issues of Christian growth. Have you ever wondered what it takes for you to grow spiritually? Good news! You don’t have to hide away in a monastery or spend six years in seminary. The miracle of the Bible’s plan for spiritual maturity is that it can be followed by anyone, in any stage of life. From common misunderstandings to practical how-to’s, this class will encourage and challenge you toward spiritual maturity.

** Advanced Registration is REQUIRED (by April 16). There is no charge for classes, dinner or childcare, but please let us know ahead of time if you need to cancel.
** Class 101 is a prerequisite
** Dinner provided
** Childcare available
** in Room 127

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Event Details

  • April 23
    3:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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